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ETS Live Chat

Our live chat agents greet visitors, get them talking and collect the information you need who work the lead and close deals faster.

More leads. More sales.

Live chat is the most efficient way to engage customers and qualify them quickly. Answer questions 24/7/365. Keep people happy. No more missed opportunities. Stay ahead of the competition.
  • Customers talk to a live chat agent in real-time
  • Personal, informative, professional
  • See leads increase as much as 300%

Proactive Agents

Our customers say ETS live chat agents are the best in the business! They’ll work as hard as you do to boost the quantity and quality of your leads, so you get the info you need to close deals faster.
  • Live agents specifically trained to engage web shoppers
  • Agents stay with the chat or text until the conversation has been completed
  • Let’s you spend time on your best leads…the people most likely to buy

Feature-Rich Technology

Live chat may be powered by humans, but it’s backed by the real-world features that results-driven sales, marketing and customer service teams need.
  • Simple installation. No clunky, time-consuming software required
  • Customers feel like they’re talking directly to you
  • Integrates with top lead management and CRM platforms
  • Customers can talk via chat, text, FB Messenger, phone or video

Live Join™

Included on every ETS Live Chat solution!

How do you help customers get real answers more quickly without any awkward transitions or long wait times?

Check out Live Join™!

  • It’s the ONLY live chat system that lets anyone on your team join in on or take over a conversation via chat or text in real time.
  • Take conversations on-the-go and never miss an opportunity. Take over the live chat as it’s happening via chat, text or FB Messenger.
  • If you should ever get disconnected, our team steps back in to finish the conversation and send the lead.

ETS Live Chat Features

ETS Live Chat Agents
Expertly trained, agents who know how to engage customers without resorting to pushy or aggressive sales tactics. Our agents work with you as your virtual sales team – greeting visitors, answering questions, pre-qualifying your best leads, setting appointments and driving sales results.
Text SMS
Reach more customers right where they are. Visitors can initiate chats directly from their phone, allowing them to communicate with ETS live chat agents as they would with anyone else via text messaging.
FB Messenger

Use the power of social media and talk to customers while they’re already interested and shopping.

Our ETS FB Messenger feature lets your Facebook™ Business Page visitors communicate with ETS live chat agents via Facebook™ Messenger. And unlike regular chat, conversations in Messenger don’t disappear (unless the conversation is deleted by the customer), so you can continue to follow-up with the lead in the future.

Click to Call
Some people still prefer to speak to someone in your business over the phone. Our click to call feature makes it easier, allowing visitors to click a “Call Me’ button on your website or Facebook™ Business Page, which connects the customer directly to your telephone.
Layered Chat

Visitors like to multi-task. It’s one of the reasons they prefer chat over other channels. ETS layered chat lets visitors chat to your agent while they continue browsing through the site.

Mobile visitors can even browse and chat simultaneously using superimposed chat windows that display on the page as the visitor is scrolling. If the visitor navigates to another page, the chat stays with them.


Sus clientes hablan español? No hay problema! ETS Live Chat is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish and French.

ETS Live Join™

ETS Live Chat is the ONLY live chat system that can push chats and texts to your sales team in real time – allowing the ETS live chat agent to hand off the conversation so your sales team can take over and continue talking to the shopper seamlessly.

How does it work? The live chat agent sends you chats via text message or email as they are happening. Your team simply takes over the conversation on chat, text or Facebook™ Messenger using the Live Join™ feature. You can also let the agent continue chatting, while you monitor or guide the interaction.

Textable Landline

No need for additional and costly phone numbers. ETS Live Chat allows our live chat agents to send and receive text messages on voice-enabled phone numbers you already own.

ETS Live Chat supports US and Canadian landline and toll-free numbers (that currently don’t have text functionality enabled). Unfortunately, mobile numbers and VOIP are not supported at this time.

Video Connect

Need to follow-up with leads in a more timely, efficient and engaging way? ETS Video Connect lets your team record quick videos to share with customers via email, chat or social media.

When the customer watches the video, an active chat button is displayed – linking the customer directly back to a live chat agent.

Mobile Invitations

81% of all people now own a smartphone. Make sure you have an entirely unique experience for mobile visitors. ETS Live Chat automatically recognizes the type of device a website visitor is using and presents chat invitations designed to render beautifully on any mobile device.

Create mobile-specific rules, customize design elements and design your own chat invitations.

CRM Integrations
Need to push leads directly to your platform for easy follow-up and lead management? ETS Live Chat integrates seamlessly with any of the top lead management and CRM platforms via a simple API. No need for complex and costly software.
Platform Dashboard
Consolidate all customer interactions – including FB Messenger, chat and text – into a single view, so both you and the live chat agents can understand the full context of every conversation to deliver more personalized, efficient service for your business.
Visitor Monitoring

Deliver customized conversations based on visitor behavior. Follow along as visitors move from page to page on your website.

Capture critical information that helps you qualify and understand your lead better, including: whether or not they’ve been on the website before, how they got to your website, which search term or keyword did they use to initiate the search, what products they’re considering, geographic location and more.

Return Tracking

Your hottest leads are the ones that keep coming back to your site – and the ones you want to talk to quickly before your competition does. Return visitor tracking tracks returning visitors by storing a ‘cookie’ (on both desktop and mobile browsers).

When a previous visitor who has chatted with a live chat agent returns, that lead is automatically sent directly to you – notifying you which pages or products/services the visitor has viewed.

Detailed Reporting

Our detailed reporting and transcripts can be sent directly via text to your cell phone on a daily basis, so you can improve your website, create more effective ads and plan targeted campaigns.

Add the human element. Add live chat to your website.

63% of customers are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat

“I could kick myself for not starting Engage to Sell earlier than I did. Daily, we receive Leads and engagement with our Clients. This is a phenomenal program, setup is quick and easy and the support is fantastic!!.”

Lee Crenshaw

Mobility Super Center
“They provide an outstanding service with the most courteous and prompt customer service I have seen. Thank you for all that you do!!"

M. Beyoch