ETS Business Development Center

Need a sure- fire way to turn shoppers into buyers?
Let our Live Call Center handle all your inbound leads and convert them into appointments.

We'll Help You Become Recession Ready!

We’re There When You’re Not

Think of us as an always on, always available extension of your business. A virtual sales team that improves every interaction and never misses an opportunity to follow up with and convert your target customer.
  • Trained, proactive ETS agents engage online visitors (any channel, any source) and follow up with quality leads and set appointments on your behalf.
  • No bots. No canned scripts. ZERO customer wait time.

Save Time, Money & Resources

Don’t have the resources to follow up on every lead? Outsourcing your BDC can help minimize the high costs associated with recruiting, training and managing an in-house team.
  • You’re always in the loop. See what’s important to you 24/7/365 with detailed reporting and customizable dashboards.
  • Timely and consistent follow-ups every single time. Every customer. Every interaction.

More Appointments. More Sales.

We get it. You need results. And fast. Our ETS BDC agents know exactly what to do and say to drive customers to your business so you close deals and make sales more quickly and cost effectively.
  • Talk to customers and set appointments when they’re already engaged and interested…before they talk to competitors.

  • Make decisions based on data insights and not intuition.

More appointments. More sales.

Let our trained staff of expert agents handle all your inbound leads and convert them into appointments.


Sign-Up and Set-up

Getting started is simple. We do all the work. No matter what source or channel, we engage customers into productive conversations, capture valuable contact info and follow-up until they’re ready to buy.

Bring Customers To You

Struggling to set appointments? ETS BDC agents can handle a large volume of leads efficiently and effectively EVERY time. They’ll improve the quality of each interaction and convert online visitors into appointments and buyers.

No More Missed Opportunities!

Never lose track of a customer again. From first touch to timely follow-ups and driving appointments with your most serious buyers, we know exactly what to do and say every time to get quality leads to come directly to you.

Why you should hire a virtual sales team…

Today’s sales professionals spend just 34% of their time selling because they’re struggling to keep up tasks that take them away from customers.

57% of sales professionals were expected to miss their quotas this year.

For every 100 leads, ETS BDC live agents successfully convert more than 35% into set appointments.

Get more leads and appointments.
Put our team of expert agents to work for you.