NEW! ETS Full Access

The easy-to-use DIY chat platform that helps your in-house sales or service teams talk directly to online shoppers.

Answer questions. Get more leads. Drive appointments.

Connect & Communicate

Online shoppers prefer chat over email and phone because it’s the quickest and easiest way to make a connection. ETS Full Access helps customers chat with your sales or service team from any device or channel, instantly.

  • Answer questions and hear what customers really need. Get more leads. Set appointments.
  • Gather valuable intel on customer behaviors and turn online shoppers into paying customers.

Cost-Effective Sales & Service

If you’re not getting enough leads from your website, you might be missing out on opportunities to talk to customers who want what you’re selling.
  • Simple, reliable. Get up and running in days, not weeks.
  • Efficient and effective. Handle multiple customers simultaneously. Reach customers before your competitors do.

Manage Everything In-House

With built-in features like visitor monitoring, text or Facebook™ messaging, CRM integration and mobile invitations, we work the way you (and your customers) do, so it’s easy to start personal conversations anytime, anywhere.
  • Real-time data, monitoring and insights via one user-friendly Dashboard.
  • No complex tech or software required.

ETS Full Access Features

Text SMS
Reach more customers right where they are. Visitors can initiate chats directly from their phone, allowing them to communicate with your in-house chat agents as they would with anyone else via text messaging.

Use the power of social media and talk to customers while they’re already interested and shopping.

Our ETS FB Messenger feature lets your Facebook™ Business Page visitors communicate with your in-house chat agents via Facebook™ Messenger. And unlike regular chat, conversations in Messenger don’t disappear (unless the conversation is deleted by the customer), so you can continue to follow-up with the lead in the future.

Click to Call
Some people still prefer to speak to someone in your business over the phone. Our click to call feature makes it easier, allowing visitors to click a “Call Me’ button on your website or Facebook™ Business Page, which connects the customer directly to your telephone.
Layered Chat

Visitors like to multi-task. It’s one of the reasons they prefer chat over other channels. ETS layered chat lets visitors chat to your agent while they continue browsing through the site.

Mobile visitors can even browse and chat simultaneously using superimposed chat windows that display on the page as the visitor is scrolling. If the visitor navigates to another page, the chat stays with them.

Video Connect

Need to follow-up with leads in a more timely, efficient and engaging way? ETS Video Connect lets your team record quick videos to share with customers via email, chat or social media.

When the customer watches the video, an active chat button is displayed – linking the customer directly back to your in-house chat agent.

CRM Integrations
Need to push leads directly to your platform for easy follow-up and lead management? ETS Full Access integrates seamlessly with any of the top lead management and CRM platforms via a simple API. No need for complex and costly software.
Mobile Invitations

81% of all people now own a smartphone. Make sure you have an entirely unique experience for mobile visitors. ETS Full Access automatically recognizes the type of device a website visitor is using and presents chat invitations designed to render beautifully on any mobile device.

You’ll be able to create mobile-specific rules, customize design elements and design your own chat invitations.

Platform Dashboard
Consolidate all customer interactions – including FB Messenger, chat and text – into a single view, so both you and the live chat agents can understand the full context of every conversation to deliver more personalized, efficient service for your business.
Detailed Reporting

We help you stay focused on the bottom-line, so you always know which sources give you the best leads and opportunities.

See exactly which chat channel drives the hottest leads.. Know how your team handles chats and if they’re converting appointments. We’ll even show you how your team performs in comparison to a fully managed live chat agent solution.

You’ll have complete access to all the information that’s important to you, so you can improve your website, create more effective ads and plan targeted campaigns and promotions.

Discover the Power of Chat

51% of consumers are more likely to stay with or buy again from a company if they offer live chat support

63% of people who spend between $250-$500 a month online are the most likely to buy from, and be loyal to companies who offer live chat

84% of businesses say they want to offer unique and memorable customer experiences…but 43% of businesses know their user experience is not good enough.

Customer Testimonials

“By far the best chat service I have ever worked with. I am always surprised (and pleased) by the number of leads I get daily. I added my other dealership and have told other dealers!”

Paul S.

Sansone Jr’s 66 Automall
“Engage to Sell is a great way to keep business flowing while you’re off the clock.”

Korey B.

Internet Manager, Parkway Motors
“Engage to Sell’s 24-hour response team is great at converting chats into appointments.”

Greg K.

Internet Sales Manager, Puente Hills Toyota
“ETS agents go into an in-depth conversation with our customers to provide my BDC with quality, ready-to-buy leads.”

JD De Lios

Client Care Director, Metro Honda & Metro Acura

Better conversations. Qualified leads. More sales.