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Buying habits have changed – shifting from in-person or in-store to online, where consumers can shop for anything they need – anytime, anywhere. From groceries to cars and other high-ticket items, consumers prefer online shopping because it’s convenient, easy and efficient.

But the entire experience can often feel impersonal. What if you have a question, need more information, can’t find what you’re looking for? Today’s online shoppers demand quick support and instant information, without high-pressure, pushy or aggressive sales tactics.

That’s why they’re opting for live chat instead of phone or email.

But too often, automated chat bot responses or unresponsive agents make it worse…producing shopping experiences that end in frustration and reflect poorly on your business.

How We’re Different

We think there’s a better way.

By leveraging industry insights, strong technology and a deep understanding of sales and shopper behaviors – our team based in Eau Claire, WI was founded to change the way the industry interacts and markets to automotive consumers. A more human, conversational and personal way.

We’ve expanded from our automotive roots – generating leads and growing revenue for dealerships – to give you a variety of live chat tools ideal for showrooms, dealerships, retail and service-based businesses…all focused on your #1 priority: drive more leads and increase sales revenue.

  • Target and engage the right customers
  • Get more leads, opportunities and sales
  • Solve customers’ problems faster
  • Cut costs, improve customer satisfaction
  • Timely, consistent and personalized solutions
  • A virtual sales team of professional live chat agents

Our Mission

We believe every customer deserves the same timely, consistent and personalized experience whether they’re online or at your physical business.

We’ve made it our mission to help you get the results you need: to develop live chat solutions that are easy to use, don’t cost you an arm and a leg and get you more opportunities with quality leads so you make more sales, profitably.

Our Promise

We know you trust us to be an extension of your business or dealership. That’s both an honor and a responsibility we take very seriously.

That’s why our teams focus on getting you the results you need for your unique sales situation. We promise you Transparency + Trust. We do what we say – and will work with you to determine exactly what’s right for your business so you’ll never be overpaying for services you don’t use or need.



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More opportunities. More sales.

Fully-managed Live Chat Solutions

From fast set-up to personalized agent training and seamless appointment setting, we’ve got fully-loaded chat options for your dealership or service-based business.



Listen to and engage with customers online. Get valuable information and drive showroom traffic. Move more inventory.


Seasonal selling means less traffic to your showroom. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t browsing online year-round. Get leads 24/7/365.


Worried about the shift of showrooms to online? Get in front of qualified customers. Create more conversations. Get leads.

Heavy Equipment

With a limited number of buyers, every conversation counts. Create more inbound leads and deliver qualified opportunities to your sales team.


Need to stay ahead of the competition? It’s time to sell without selling and start a conversation using live chat instead.

Farm Equipment

Spending too much time with ‘tire kickers’ instead of serious buyers. Live chat helps you connect to and focus on leads most likely to buy.

ETS Live Chat

Need better qualified leads? Our trained live chat agents are your virtual sales team. We’ll greet visitors, get them talking and collect valuable information you need to work the lead and close deals faster.

And with our Live Join™ feature, anyone on your team can take over or observe conversations via chat or text in real time.

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Let our expert agents work your online leads and convert them into appointments.

Make every conversation count, book more appointments and focus on what you do best…close deals in person with leads ready to buy.

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ETS Full Access

Is your in-house sales or service team looking for a new way to find leads and improve service? With all the same features as our ETS Live Chat, you’ll get an out-of-the-box solution that’s simple, reliable and gets results fast.

Start chatting with online visitors in days, not weeks. Answer questions. Get more leads. Drive in-store or showroom traffic.

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Google Vehicle Marketplace

Ready to move your used vehicle inventory quickly and cost-effectively? Use the power of Google Vehicle Marketplace to reach more people as they browse and shop. List local and see an increase in new, inbound leads!

Engage to Sell is one of only a handful of exclusive Google Vehicle Marketplace inventory partners. Start today and have your entire inventory posted tomorrow.